Watch The God Of War E3 Demo Again, Now With Developer Commentary

Remember that really great God of War demo that kicked off Sony’s press conference? Well, you can watch again, as Sony has released the demo on its YouTube channel, this time with commentary from the developers themselves.

The video is narrated by the game’s combat designer Mihir Sheth and gameplay engineering lead Jeet Shroff. The two discuss a lot about the new game after the short introduction, such as the fact that this is the first God of War game that has the camera set behind Kratos (previous games would use fixed camera angles). “What this allows us to do is it gives us more avenues for an intimate and more personalized story-telling and it also empowers the player to kind of let them play the way they’d like to do it, as well as witness the story, the combat, and the development of these characters first-hand,”, said Shroff.

The video also discusses the relationship between Kratos and his son, the latter of which will be important in terms of both gameplay and story. His son will act as a way to humanize Kratos, while on the gameplay side of things he also plays a vital part in the game’s combat, and can in a way get leveled up and learn new skills.

Though the game doesn’t have a release date, you’ll be able to play this new God of War game exclusively on the PlayStation 4.





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