This Week’s Must-Watch Epic Anime: Kill la Kill


Visually beautiful and action-packed with a quite unique, slightly “wtf?” storyline, Kill la Kill is arguably one of the best animes that are running right now. Following the storyline of angsty young high school girl, Ryuko Matoi, we watch as she tirelessly fights to seek vengeance for the death of her father, whose murderer she believes to be Honnouji Academy student council president, Satsuki Kiryuin. While Ryuko constantly attempts to fight Satsuki, she finds that the highly-regarded school leader is backed by students who sport Goku Uniforms that make them nearly indestructible. Fortunately for Ryuko, though, her father left her half of a scissor blade, which when complete, is one of the most powerful weapons in existence; however, her father’s murderer possesses the other half of the blade.

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Also fighting on Ryuko’s side is her Kamui, Senketsu. Senketsu, while outwardly appearing to be merely a school uniform, is infused with life fibers and drinks Ryuko’s blood to become way more than a uniform, but a highly powerful, virtually unbeatable outfit that makes Ryuko super powerful and is able to communicate with her and only her. Ryuko also makes friends with an adorable, yet pesky, classmate named Mako Mankanshoku, who is constantly Ryuko’s saving grace and is always bubbly, happy, and optimistic, even in the most dire of circumstances, making her one of the most lovable characters in Kill la Kill.


Kill la Kill is full of plot twists, and as the season continues, the plot turns from finding out who murdered Ryuko’s father, to a global conspiracy to take over the world and make life fibers reign over humans, led by Satsuki Kiryuin’s evil fashionista mother, Rago Kiryuin. There are so many epic moments in Kill la Kill, and while the plot may seem a bit strange, it is an anime that you have to watch in order to understand what makes it so special. And if all else fails your entertainment needs, there is an ample amount of nudity and skimpy clothing at least!


Overall, Kill la Kill is vibrant and colorful and gives us characters that we love, even those that are portrayed as villains. As the first season of Kill la Kill is nearing its end, we can’t wait to see how the epic battle of human versus life fibers ends. You can check out Kill la Kill and get caught up with the first season via Crunchyroll.





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