Blizzard Is Giving Away 20 Characters In Heroes Of The Storm

Have you wanted to play Heroes of the Storm, but aren’t sure which characters to use? If so, Blizzard has a deal for you!

Starting April 25th (when the 2.0 update goes live) and lasting until May 22nd, players who log in will get 100 Gems. These gems can then be used to buy a Mega Bundle, of which there are four to choose from and are based on the three types of Heroes: Assassin, Support & Specialist, and Tanks & Bruisers, with a Flex bundle with a bit of everything for those who are unsure (though you can take a fun little quiz to see which bundle best suits your playstyle). Once a bundle is picked, you’ll be given 20 Heroes to use, but once you pick a bundle, the other three become unavailable, so be sure to pick wisely.

If you’ve never played Heroes of the Storm or want to start fresh, this is a great jumping off point, especially for players who aren’t familiar with the MOBA genre.


SOURCE: Blizzard




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