Xbox Micro Not Happening, Says Phil Spencer

With the announcement of Microsoft’s event planned for October, where they intend to reveal a number of new products, many fans have been circulating a supposed leaked list of products set for debut at the event, including the Surface 4 as well as a new line of Lumia phones. But gamers in particular have latched onto one product that had a lot of eyebrows on the rise, an Xbox Micro, which is supposed to be a slimmer version of the Xbox One without the blu-ray disc drive.

However, when asked about the rumor, Xbox head Phil Spencer answered on Twitter that the rumors are false. Simple as that. While this dispels rumors of a planned slimmer version of the Xbox One, one should note that slimmer versions of consoles aren’t all that uncommon. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 both had slimmer models put out, but with the Xbox One being two years old, maybe it won’t be too long before we do see a thinner model of the Microsoft console.








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