Xbox One Gets Another Five Backwards Compatible Games

With the Xbox One gaining the ability to play certain Xbox 360 games, Microsoft has taken full advantage of this ability by constantly adding new titles. Now, five more games join the ever expanding list.

Double Dragon Neon, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, and The Cave. Players can now play any of these five title on their Xbox One, giving players the perfect chance to play some games they may have missed in the last console generation.

These five titles come right on the heels of the announcement that Rayman Origins, Doom 3, and Monaco will also be available via backward compatibility. These games have just been the most recent in a seemingly never ending list of games that are being added. In total, there are over 150 games currently available on the Xbox One with backward compatibility.

This is a perfect chance for those who missed last console generation to catch up on some great hits. Hopefully the success of backward compatibility for the Xbox One will mean it is feature that will see life in future console generations.








Written By Guest Contributor Austin

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