Xbox One Gets Three New Backwards Compatible Games

Three new games are now available to play on the Xbox One via the system’s backwards compatibility program. While none of the three games are ones that are in high demand, they’re high quality games nonetheless.

The three games are Rage, an open world first person shooter made by id Software, Shred Nebula, a Asteroid inspired multi-directional shooter, and Killer is Dead, a stylistic action game made by developer Suda51, who’s past work includes Killer7 and the No More Heroes games. I haven’t played Shred Nebula, but I can personally recommend Rage and Killer is Dead, the former if you’re a fan of shooters and vehicle combat, and the latter if you’re a fan of action games with a unique and weird style all it’s own.

If you own any of these games, you can pop them into your Xbox One, or if you got them digitally, they’ll show up in your games library on your Xbox One.