Xbox One Original Content to Include Seth Green Comedy, Halo, and Much More


While gamers have turned to the Xbox One to deliver the gaming goods, Microsoft has shared that they have plans for the Xbox One that are not just centric around gaming. That’s right, it would appear that the company has interest in interactive television, and bringing original content to the Xbox One. Nancy Tellem, president of entertainment and digital media, spoke to Bloomberg about the Xbox One’s original programming. Xbox One Entertainment Studios went on to say, “We’re dealing with series, we’re dealing with limited series or what I used to call miniseries, feature length projects, half hour projects, short form projects, animation, live events, sports, news, we cross all genres and the bottom line is exactly ‘Where you can find it?’ is through Xbox Live.”

It has been known for some time that Steven Spielberg would be bringing a live-action Halo series to the Xbox One, but some might be wondering what else is in store for the Xbox One. Right now, Microsoft has plans to bring Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera and Seth Green’s brilliant comedy minds over to the Xbox One. In addition, a reality television series called Fearless also got the green light where Paul de Gelder helps “people who try to make the world a better place.” There will also be an English-language adaptation of a shown known in Sweden as Äkta människor, meaning Real Humans, that will be titled Humans when it makes the move to Xbox One.

As for Microsoft’s other ventures? Well, Tellem was asked if other titles could get their own shows and she responded with, “Whether it’s from a game likeFable or Age of Empires or Gears of War or Forza, which is an amazing car racing game, or Halo. These are the things that frankly if we weren’t attached to Microsoft everyone would yearn to have. This is an amazing platform to work from.”




Source: Bloomberg



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