Yakuza 6 Developers Aim to Challenge the Limits of Games

The folks over in the Japanese arm of Sega are putting a lot of muscle behind the newest installment of their long standing Yakuza series, Yakuza 6. With two major Yakuza games releasing this year, Yakuza 6, and Yakuza: Kiwami, the studio has gone on to say in a press release earlier today that Yakuza 6 will show a major advantage of developing exclusively for a current console, the PlayStation 4, and will allow players to experience the next evolution of the Yakuza series. The developer went on to say that the Yakuza series has always pushed the limits of games, with each new game bringing new challenges. Yakuza 6 will show the heights that can be achieved by developing exclusively for the PlayStation 4. From a developer standpoint, this statement holds water, as making a game that will run on multiple platforms inevitably means that the stronger of the platforms will find restraints.

The Yakuza games can in many respects be considered the Japanese Grand Theft Auto, with wide, varied gameplay across a multitude of different gameplay modes. While Yakuza 6 has not been announced for North American release, and likely won’t be for a number of years, another episode of the series, Yakuza 5, is set to release before the end of the year. So at least we’ll have that to look forward to.








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