Yoko Littner Gets Sexy Body Paint Cosplay


Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann is easily one of the most cosplayed characters of the past few years.  She sports signature red hair, leather shorts, a bikini top, and her trusty gun at hand.  Although there are many cosplays of this popular character, we have never seen one that was created in the fashion of Morgana Cosplay’s Yoko Littner cosplay.


What makes Morgana’s Yoko unique is that no sewing was involved– her cosplay is completely body painted.  Yet, every detail is there– from Yoko’s firey black and red top to black shorts, and Morgana has also equipped a gun as well!  Morgana is a truly talented cosplayer and has many other body paint, as well as fabricated costume cosplays for you to enjoy.  Be sure to check out her Facebook to see more!



Photography and body paint by Jose Manchado


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