Your Ride, Your Way in New Need for Speed Customization Trailer

A key part of racing games is not only upgrading your car to go faster or handle better, but also sitting down and picking out just the right cosmetic upgrades such as fins and a fresh coat of paint, in order to make your ride your own as you cross the finish line race after race. The Need for Speed series of games remains on the forefront of player customization, and with the newly released trailer, it’s clear that the latest iteration intends to keep that intact.

Fans will be able to not only improve their engine, fuel system, and cooling system, but also add a new paint job, scoops, hoods, spoilers, and decals, letting them create the car they’ve always wanted to take onto the race track. It may not let you go any faster, but when your car is the hottest thing on the track, it might as well. Need for Speed hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Fall.]







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