Yuki Rids Despair with this Amazing Junko Enoshima Cosplay


Junko Enoshima is one of the most popular characters of Danganronpa and the main antagonist. She also has the title of “ultimate fashionista” and is the founder of Ultimate Despair.


Junko is a popular idol who has blue eyes and two cute pink ponytails with two Monokuma clips (black and white). The black and white Monokuma clips represent Junko’s bipolarity. Because, despite of her beautiful appearance, she is obsessed with despair and has fun inflicting misery. So once again appearances are deceptive.


With all of this, we only can say that Yuki made a perfect cosplay! If you want to see more about this awesome cosplayer, check out her DeviantART page!

 Photography by ZERO




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