Slow City Blues on Zoop

Zoop Launches Innovative All-In-One Crowdfunding Solution for Comics

Zoop, the first end-to-end full service crowdfunding platform created exclusively for the comics and fandom communities, officially launched today with the long-awaited Slow City Blues as its first project.

Zoop was started by ComicBlitz founder Jordan Plosky and Eric Moss (former head of Business Development at IDW Publishing, along with Kickstarter’s former comics outreach lead Camilla Zhang serving as an advisor.

Touted as a concierge campaign service for comics, Zoop handles funding campaigns from start to finish including setup, pledge management, production, marketing, distribution and more, allowing creators to focus less on business and more on creativity.  

“Comics are the fastest growing crowdfunding category today, and COVID’s impact on the industry highlighted the need for a new solution for creators” said Plosky. “Zoop was created to solve these and more pain points by bringing crowdfunding, e-commerce, production, fulfillment, and distribution together under a single, simple platform.”

Zoop’s initial launch features curated established comic book creators, with the eventual goal of making the service accessible to a larger population of artists. Their flagship project launch is Slow City Blues (Samuel Haine, Shawn Moll, John Livesay, and David Baron), followed by Scarlett Couture (Des Taylor), Resolution (Ron Marz , Andy Lanning and Rick Leonardi), and Heads Will Roll (Bart Sears). An extensive slate of projects is planned to roll out soon after with notable talent and publishers like Chris Ryall (partner, Syzygy Publishing and former CCO of IDW Publishing), who is using the platform as a component of his new publishing venture, award-winning writer and author Paul Cornell (I Walk With Monsters, The Modern Frankenstein, Doctor Who) and popular Chicano comic book writer and artist J. Gonzo (Image Comics’ LA MANO del DESTINO). 

Zoop has the goal of creating a platform built around community and creativity, while also offering traditional publishing benefits to its community. Its customized system caters specifically to the needs of the comic book and fandom communities.


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