It’s not hard to walk into a gaming store or section to find piles upon piles of gaming accessories to help you expand your typical gaming experience. Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright ridiculous. This trend of bizarre gaming accessories isn’t new. Companies have been pedaling awkward add-ons since as far back as the Atari days. We have always been marketed unnecessary and overpriced equipment to “help” us experience our consoles in a fresh way, though most of the time it turned out rotten.
Video Games are a wonderful thing with so many games out there today from past and current generations there is a wide variety to accommodate every type of gamer. With the gaming industry always evolving it’s important to know the boundaries in gaming as well as to respect the ratings made by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Since it’s formation in 1994, the ESRB has been the Judiciary Branch for the gaming industry; they enforce guidelines, and ensure responsible online privacy for all video games in the North American Region. The ratings by the ESRB are assigned to each game and judges that specified rating for that video game, based on the in-game content, as well as insuring ethical promotions for the games.
Resident Evil. What hasn't been said about of Capcom's survival horror franchise? Much like Doom, while Resident Evil isn't the first survival horror game (that honor goes to Alone in the Dark), it was the game that made the genre popular, and since it's release on March 22nd, 1996 in Japan (March 30th in the US, and August 1st in Europe), the series has spawned numerous sequels, spinoffs, ports, remakes, comics, manga, rides, restaurants, and even some movies, both CG and live action, with the live action movies not only being their own universe separate from the games, but are actually ending this year with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.
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