After waiting impatiently for the yearly arrival of San Diego Comic-Con, the time finally came, and we were nothing short of excited. SDCC is the perfect time to let your geek flag fly by watching panels of your favorite TV shows, perusing nerd culture merch from vendors, exploring all of the off-site activities, and of course, dressing up as one of your favorite characters through cosplay.
This year at San Diego Comic-Con, we saw a ton of incredible cosplays abundant both inside the convention center and out on the streets of San Diego. However, some of the ones that we were most impressed by were of characters from one of our favorite television series, Game of Thrones. From Daenerys to Jon Snow, we were thrilled to see some of George R.R. Martin's beloved characters brought to life.
This year's WonderCon was nothing short of spectacular. As the epic weekend neared its end, we knew that there still had to be incredible cosplays abound-- and there sure was. While Friday and Saturday were undoubtedly the days where cosplay was most abundant, we were surprised at how many fantastic cosplayers were still geared up and ready to go during the Anaheim Convention Center's final day of WonderCon.
Wondercon is one of our favorite conventions of the year. It is the perfect place to watch panels on your favorite TV shows and comics, browse the artists' alley, and check out some incredible cosplays. Yesterday we showcased all of the brilliant cosplays that were abound at the Anaheim Convention Center on the first day of the con, and now it is time or Day Two to shine.
This year at WonderCon 2015, the Anaheim Convention Center opened its doors and gave a home of awesomeness to anyone who is a fan of anything epic. If you are a fan of comics, gaming, toys, collectables and cosplay, then WonderCon was the place to be. With us being huge fans of cosplay, we made sure to get as many shots of all the great cosplays we could find just in case you couldn't attend the event. So sit back and enjoy our Epic Cosplay at WonderCon 2015 - Day One Photo Gallery!
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