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A Blood Elf Cosplay That Will Have You Saying WoW!


Posted September 16, 2013 by

This blood elf is not going to run into any trouble coming face to face with its Alliance enemies.  German cosplayer and model, Lena-Lara, has gone to Silvermoon city and beyond in crafting this beautiful Blood Elf from World of Warcraft cosplay.

Blood Elves, or Sin’dorei, are known for their thirst for the arcane, their nature for fighting fire with fire, as well as their sanguine coloured robes and a green glint in their eyes.  Lena-Lara has it all down pat in this Blood Elf cosplay – combining the beauty and fierceness of the Sin’dorei with fantastic craftsmanship and stunning looks to bring this blood elf to life.


Their sanguine robes, a signature outfit of the blood elves, represent their fierce and fiery affliction and the blood of their taller comrades in the Fall of Qual’Thalas.  With blood elves being the arcane masters they are and having a thirst for magic, they know how to do any spell in the book. Even armed with a staff and a razor-sharp dagger, this blood elf is not one to mess with.


Lena-Lara has done a marvellous job in crafting her blood elf cosplay and bringing it to life for the world to see, being an honour for the Horde!


Photography by Christoph Gerlach.
Written by Guest Contributor: VakariansCosplay

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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor