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Cosplay of the Day: This Ada Wong is Drop Dead Gorgeous!


Posted September 12, 2013 by

Ada Wong has always been a mysterious and intriguing addition to the ladies of Resident Evil. This cosplay takes us back to 2004, where the President’s daughter was kidnapped and Ada had to work with Leon to bring her back. While saving the First Daughter, she also managed to obtain a small sample of the Plaga parasite, her actual objective in the game. This vixen of the Resident Evil universe is beloved by fans all over the world. Not only is she stunning, but she’s also cunning and charismatic. Saddler chose the right bait when he kidnapped Ada, anyone would jump the fence to save this woman.

Throughout the years, Ada Wong has had a wide range of outfits in the game, her dress in Resident Evil 4 being one of the more controversial, but at the same time the most iconic look she’s had so far. Not only is she a kick-ass female, she also looks amazing when battling hoards of infected.


Kasane does a great job of capturing the spy in Ada Wong, managing to look both beautiful and deadly. This cosplayer does Ada Wong great justice, and should make fans everywhere want to play Resident Evil once more. Kasane has also done other versions of Ada Wong, you can find all of them on her deviantART.



Written by Guest Contributor: DeeKay

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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor