Even Handsome Jack Can’t Defeat this Gaige Cosplay!


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“When I say Mechro, you say mancer! Mechro… *silence* Aww.. This place sucks.” And with that sentence, Gaige became a part of my heart, and quickly took the place as one of my favourite characters in a video game ever. Her playful nature, mixed with her murderous tendencies, makes her an always exciting choice for your vault hunter.


Gaige the Mechromancer was first revealed as a DLC character for Borderlands 2 at PAX East 2012. Her unique skill of summoning a D374-TP, or DeathTrap, makes her a deadly foe, and a highly favourable character to play. Gaige used to be a simple high school student, but because of a science fair mix up where she accidentally set DeathTrap on her rival and thereby killing her, she decided to come to Pandora. To be fair though, her rival did cheat, stealing her design for DeathTrap, rebuilding a faulty robot and bribing her dad, the judge, to declare her the winner. Gaige is still holding a grudge and will often express her disbelief at her beloved robot only finishing third in the science fair.


This stunning cosplay is made by SchokoSora. She has managed to capture the essence of the fun and playful nature that makes Gaige such a great character. The characteristic Borderlands accentuation of facial features makes this cosplay look more like a still from the game than an actual cosplay. The details are amazingly well done, from the gear studded choker, to the robotic arm, this cosplay is truly epic.


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