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Gaming Cosplay Thursday: An Epic Rendition of Salvador from Borderlands 2!


Posted April 10, 2014 by

Five foot four and with a lust for guns (hence the name of the skill Gun Lust), Salvador is a dual-wielding Gunzerker with a long history of steroid usage in Gearbox Software’s 2012 shoot and loot epic, Borderlands 2. Despite his love of violence towards criminals and bandits, Salvador was about to be executed by the people of his hometown, Ovejas, when a Hyperion Corporation strike team attempted to seize the town. He becomes intrigued by the new Vault upon hearing of its dangers while interrogating the strike teams’ last remaining survivor. Salvador ripped his arm off and broke both of his legs, thus leaving the survivor to limp back to Hyperion single-handedly. Literally.


Borderlands cosplayers are really something special. Not only do they pull off amazing, badass cosplays of their favourite Vault Hunters, but they have an insane amount of fun bringing them to life; in crafting the cosplay and showcasing them at conventions.

It’s Raining Neon is quickly becoming a popular name in the world of cosplay and it is easy to see why. Her cosplays are amazing! Her Salvador genderbend cosplay is so amazingly put together and she’s had such a blast bringing it to life. To quote Salvador himself, this cosplay is “Oh, so good! So good!”



View more of It’s Raining Neon’s cosplay work at her Facebook and Twitter pages.


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