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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Mobile Game Coming in November


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Animal Crossing’s cute and relaxing atmosphere is coming to iOS and Android devices next month, brought to you by Nintendo. During Nintendo’s Direct presentation there was little mention of console releases, focusing entirely on a new mobile version of AC titled Pocket Camp to be available on mobile devices. Following this announcement were screenshots and some press release talk for the media.

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Nintendo promises to deliver the atmosphere of any other Animal Crossing to the mobile edition, including overall game design, sound, and gameplay features. Players start in a RV camper after customizing their character, where they’ll be able to move around furniture and decorate the living area and campground. Similar to other AC games, AC:PC will function on a real-time day/night cycle.

Shops are available for purchasing new clothing and furniture to customize your Animal Crossing experience. Fans of AC won’t forget about Tom Nook, but Pocket Camp has OK Motors instead, where expansions for your RV’s interior and upgrades for your camper are available.

Of course, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp isn’t just a rehash of previous Nintendo releases. You’ll encounter new features such as the option to complete requests from visitors in exchange for crafting material. Rather than purchasing new items, the ability to create new furniture by bringing the aforementioned materials to Cyrus will be granted. Cyrus is the guy who takes the raw materials and puts the desired furniture in its final form.

Players will also notice new friendship levels for visiting animals across AC:PC. That friendship level is then raised by bringing your friend objects they desire or doing favors for them. The press release stated: “If you level up your friendship or decorate your campsite with an animal’s favorite items, she or he might pay you a visit.”

Just like the majority of other mobile games, Pocket Camp will come with its own currency. Dubbed Leaf Tickets, these can be “earned through regular gameplay or purchased using real-world money,” according to Nintendo. “The items can be used to shorten the time needed to craft items, more easily acquire materials or acquire unique camper exterior designs. Nintendo has also offered the ability to visit other players’ camps and even share items via in-game IDs.

AC:PC will be available across both iOS and Android platforms. Nintendo plans to release regular updates, which may include holiday themed content.

For more details or to pre-register, visit the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp website.

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