Battlefield 4 Leaves No One Behind in their New Trailer!


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No man is left behind in Battlefield 4’s newest trailer–showcasing the shooter’s campaign. In the video, viewers see a specially trained squadron escorting particular American VIP’s from Shanghai back to their homes. DICE shows their players genuine fear, panic, hate, and betrayal. They showcase all the very chaos Battlefield soldiers will be facing once involved in this new title. The Battlefield 4 open beta has officially been closed, as of late. According to DICE, and the feedback they’ve received, they’re going to be making a lot of (good) changes to the game. Some of the things DICE is planning on working on include: the low frame rate/stuttering, loading screen issues, high CPU usage, controller layouts, empty server listings, the elevator catapult, gameplay balancing, infantry changes, vehicle changes, locking weapon changes, and then some overall general changes as well.

Overall, Battlefield 4 is a work in progress. But we all have confidence in DICE. Battlefield 4 is set to release this upcoming October 29 (only a week away!) for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. But it won’t arrive to Xbox One and Playstation 4 till launch.



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Guest Contributor