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BioWare Leaves Fans Wondering With New ‘Nightmare’ Teaser Trailer


Posted July 25, 2014 by

Big developer, BioWare, is responsible for some of the most popular and beloved titles such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Each new title they work on is as highly anticipated as the next and they always use the most immersive marketing possible, allowing gamers to feel involved in the process. The newest project reveal is a teaser trailer that is reminiscent of the live action Mass Effect 3 trailers, but with an overall scarier tone.

While the project title is currently unknown, the save file for the YouTube video is called Shadow Realms and the actual video title is “You’ve Been Chosen: ‘Nightmare’ Teaser.” The trailer has a clear focus on dreams, or nightmares, and poses the question “What really happens when we sleep?” Assumably we will explore our deepest nightmares in this horror game.

True to the standard marketing from BioWare a teaser site has surfaced which includes the trailer along with a poem: “The time is near./They are watching./Your power is rising./Cologne, Germany./You’ve Been Chosen.” Other pages have been linked to the trailer that include a missing person report, and a website for a fake college called Wood-Watson Institute of Higher Learning.

BioWare has stated that more information regarding the project will be revealed at Gamescom next month.






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