Blizzard Reveals Info on Starcraft II’s Latest Patch


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New details for Starcraft 2’s latest patch have been revealed! The latest patch, 2.1, is said to include a number of different things. It’s set to include a number of changes to the game’s clans and groups, and it’s also supposed to include interface optimizations, as well as usability improvements, according to the developers in a post shared today. “One of the first changes you’ll notice when you open your clan or group window for the first time after downloading the patch is the addition of an Events tab along the top of the pane. Club officers and owners can use the “Create Event” button found in the lower left corner to bring up the event creation screen and start scheduling meet ups for whatever occasions you’d like,” explained Blizzard Entertainment.


“Fill in a date, event duration, title, and any important details your group mates should know to make sure your activities are ready to kick off smoothly. If you need to make changes to an event after it’s created, select it from the list on the Events tab and then click “Edit” in the lower right. Once you’ve scheduled one or more activities, you’ll see them listed chronologically on your Clan or Group’s Events tab, which allows you to scroll through all of your club’s upcoming events. Up to five events will also be displayed in the new Events section of the StarCraft II home screen so that you can quickly see what’s coming up at a glance. Furthermore, on the day an event is scheduled to take place, it will be highlighted in yellow on each of these lists to help differentiate your immediate activities from those in the future.” Blizzard also, additionally, went into brief detail about how players will be able to add more ‘flair’ to their clubs, through the new club icons. Players will have the new-found opportunity to upload customized images to act as these icons for their clubs.



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