Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- Mirror of Fate Drops in Price!


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MercurySteam’s action-adventure 3DS installment, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- Mirror of Fate, will be receiving a price drop! This Castlevania chapter has dropped its price a whole whopping $10–resulting it to become $30, as opposed to $40. Since the game just released back in March, this drop seemed to have come a little soon, don’t you think? Hey, but who am I to be complaining about saving money? Mirror of Fate is a direct sequel to the first chapter of Lords of Shadow. Lords of Shadow took place at the end of time, after the Earth and Heavens created a treaty to work together.

Before long, a dark, pervasive force threatened all of the world–a force by the name of Lords of Shadow. The sequel, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- Mirror of Fate, has three main protagonists, those of which being: Trevor Belmont, Simon Belmont, and Alucard, the son of Dracula. The premise of the game is based around Gabriel Belmont’s descendants (the three mentioned above), and their search for their own destinies. In their search for what’s true, they come to find something extremely shocking.

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