EA Release Developer Blogs Which Detail the Dribble Mechanics for NBA Live 14


Posted October 23, 2013 by


NBA Live 14 developers EA Tiburon have released a new developer blog today detailing how the studio has approached the dribbling mechanics since they debuted the game back in May. There are now three separate levels of dribble moves that are available to the player. The first level consists of the fundamentals, general ball handling, cross-over techniques, behind the back and fakies while the second level involves how the player can actually string these moves together and suddenly shift your momentum to create some space between you and the defender.

Finally certain all-stars will be equipped with different signature moves which are activated by holding a modifier and pushing the right analogue stick in one of six different directions. These game changing flicks will be reserved for NBA legends like cover athlete Kyrie Irving or Miami Heat front man LeBron James.

You can see each of the three levels in action in the short demonstration videos EA have on the official EA Sport YouTube channel. NBA Live 14 goes up against the powerhouse franchise NBA 2K14 when it launches on both next generation console November 19th.



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