Grand Theft Auto 5 Online’s Capture Creator Captures our Attention this Friday


Posted April 8, 2014 by


Capture Creator is finally coming to Grand Theft Auto Online, according to developer Rockstar Games – and pretty soon, too. It’ll be released this Friday, April 11th. But what exactly is it? Capture Creator lets players create Capture jobs for all four different types of modes. There’s even a little bonus event going on from now till the release where Rockstar is offering double the amount of GTA cash and RP for all official Capture jobs. Take advantage of it while you can! Capture Mode is similar to capture the flag, but with some new twists that add more strategy.

Update 1.12 is also now out for GTA Online, which has bonus RP for if you like or dislike certain jobs. You can also now call Lester if you want the police to not notice you temporarily as you go about your crime-spree. An increased payout was also added to Death matches, Parachutes, Races, and LTS Jobs with less than four players. More and more just keeps being added to GTA Online!



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