Max Payne 3 Comes To Mac on June 20th!


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Max Payne 3 will be shooting its way onto Mac this Thursday! This was verified through Rockstar’s official Twitter account. Max Payne 3 was released in May of last year with a PC port released just a little later. For fans of the Max Payne series that questioned whether or not this game would be true to the series, you’ll fall in love with this action packed game that touches back to its old roots.

The third game takes place 14 years after the tragic murder of Max’s family and only 9 years after the events of Max Payne 2. Max is retired and in a downward spiral of booze and painkillers. After a confrontation with a mob boss’ son, a former cop hires Max as a private security contractor for a job in South America. He initially refuses but after the bar fight turns deadly, he agrees. Mac gamers, make sure you pick up this exciting game on June 20th!



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Written by Guest Contributor: missvalentine



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