New Game from Katamari Damacy Creator to Debut at GDC


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For those who are sick of the Katamari games, today is an especially good day for you. The original creator of Katamari Damacy, Keita Takahashi and IGF chairman Brandon Boyer announced their new game, Tenya Wanya Teens today.

Tenya Wanya Teens is a “coming-of-age tale about love, hygiene, monsters, and finding discarded erotic magazines in the woods.” From this description, you can probably expect a level of quirkiness on par, or far surpassing that of the Katamari series.

The game’s premise revolves around “trying desperately to not say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time – that universal struggle to maintain the facade of normality during the awkward transition from child to adulthood”.

It’s a two player affair and it’s played with custom 16-button arcade sticks. The game’s soundtrack is being composed by Takahashi’s wife, Asuka Sakai. Look for the game to make its debut at GDC next week.






Written by Guest Contributor: RandomHero1270

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