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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Information on Keyblade Transformations!


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We have grown used to our trusty keyblades over the years with Kingdom Hearts. With every installment we get a good handful of new keyblades to satiate our thirst for more weapons. With Kingdom Hearst 3 in development Tetsuya Nomura comments on what to expect in the upcoming installment of Kingdom Hearts. Over the series of games certain things have been improved or tried out. For example Chain of Memories had a card battle system for combat while Kingdom Hearts 2 introduced an action command during fights utilizing the ‘triangle’ button for things like reversals. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep introduced battle styles with certain abilities and characters causing the way you fight to change. Tetsuya has said that in Kingdom Hearts 3 will have these battle styles and the keyblades will transform depending on what type of keyblade is used. In the early stages of gameplay shown in a recently released video showcases Sora’s keyblade transforming into a pair of guns to take out some heartless. While discussing about the video, you may have also noticed the Disney theme park ride inspired moves. Tetsuya explained that in Kingdom Hearts 3D there was work on making movement in fights more fluid and these rides for Kingdom Hearts 3 is to expand on the fluidity. Depending on the area you are in Sora and gang can take part in these Disney rides and fight enemies while riding them making combat movement more fluid and dynamic.

I am sure the fans are excited for the long awaited game since the ending of Kingdom Hearts 2 and how the majority of games end setting up a potential next game. Get ready to pick up your keyblades, your oversized shoes, Goofy and Donald Duck, and battle your way through heartless when this game is finished. There is speculation that the game will focus on Sora attempting to save Aqua those from the Birth by Sleep game, but it might be too early to tell. Kingdom Hearts series are games that are about Sora, a young boy, who dreams of seeing other worlds and by being chosen by a keyblade (a literal key-like sword), which is used to unlock and lock paths to worlds, he gets the chance. The Kingdom Hearts games have always had Disney inspired worlds and characters and the games have really advanced, grew, and changed with the generation it started for. A release date for the game has not been set. Tetsuya says that the development team is still not happy yet with what is in the works right now and they will not stop development until they are satisfied with what they have accomplished so expect to hear something about release after that point. Kingdom Hearts 3 is to be on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


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