New Trailer for Episode Two of The Wolf Among Us Revealed!


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A new trailer for Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us has been spotted. The trailer highlights the numerous different happenings planned to occur in the second episode of this graphic adventure. The second episode, titled Smoke & Mirrors, is a follow up to the first one–Faith. Giving you a recap, without spoiling too much, ‘Faith’ was based around a murder, and how the different people Bigby (a.k.a ‘The Big Bad Wolf’) meet play into the investigation.

With the first episode being such a rave hit across the country, it only makes sense that Telltale would hype us up even more so, in anticipation for this upcoming episode. Bigby is on the hunt for the person responsible for the first murder in ages in Fabletown. Many things happen in the dark when no one is looking, but its Bigby’s job to find out what, who, and why. “Everyone has a weakness. You just have to find where it is, and push.”



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