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New Vita Model and Borderlands 2 Vita gets North American Release


Posted April 8, 2014 by


Borderlands 2 and Vita has got to be the best pairing, especially at the thought of being able to travel, yet still be able to get my looting on. Very soon  we can travel with ClapTrap and save Pandora on the go! But this is not the ending of the news – the North American Borderlands 2 release is right around the corner, May 6 to be exact for the bundle which includes the game and the new Vita 2000. The set will also include an 8GB memory card and will retail for $199. Borderlands 2 will be sold separately in both digital and physical forms a week later on May 13.

The new model of the PlayStation Vita will be the slim, light and longer battery life version of the wonderful handheld device and it is also more sensible seeing as hours of gameplay is right there in front of us with Borderlands. The bummer part of the deal is that the PS Vita will have the LCD screen and there is only one color choice…black. Even if Japan has six different colors, there has to be an awesome copy who sell skins or covers for the handheld’s somewhere, to it is protected and pretty, or handsome, for the gentlemen.



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Source: PlayStation Blog