Once Again, Saints Row IV is Denied Classification in Australia!


Posted July 29, 2013 by


DENIED! Ouch, once again Deep Silver and Volition’s title Saints Row IV has been refused classification in Australia. According to the Classification Board in Australia, the game does not meet the R18+ requirement guidelines. As it turns out, using prescribed drugs as an incentive or reward is a no-no in Australia. Since the title was denied, players will not be able to buy the title, but there will also not be any advertising of the game or demonstrations. Can you say bummer?

The board came together on Monday, July 29, 2013 to address an application that had been sent in by Koch Media to try and get the original decision reversed that was made ten days prior. The reason for the denial then had to do with an alien anal probe weapon and alien drugs that gave the player special powers. A version of Saints Row IV specially tailored for those in Australia has been made and was shown off at PAX Aus. Why Koch wanted the original game to be reviewed once more is a bit hazy, especially when knowing another version has been made that, most likely, omits the alien probe weapon and narcotics.



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Source: ACB