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Pantheon Will Feature An EverQuest-like Quest System!


Posted January 30, 2014 by


Currently in development, and seeking funds through Kickstarter, is the upcoming MMORPG, Pantheon. According to a discussion board on Reddit, one of the creators of the game, Brian McQuaid, has revealed that Pantheon will have a very similar quest system, as well as style to that of EverQuest. McQuaid was known for previously working on EverQuest, as well Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. But, instead of Pantheon featuring random tasks for players to complete, it’ll include more interesting, and ‘epic style’ quests. McQuaid stated that he and his team “went that way with Vanguard, but now, looking back, [they] prefer the EverQuest style quests over the lots of little mini-quests.”

Additionally, leveling up will be more focused on the in-game achievements players earn, as opposed to experience points. “Blowing through content legitimately is part of the game,” he wrote. “Power leveling by killing the same mob over and over again will be difficult. You don’t level just by earning [experience] in this game.” A question prompted, asking McQuaid what he would do if he failed to acquire the sufficient amount of funds through Kickstarter, and he responded with, “We may do it again and we will be approaching investors and publishers,” he wrote. “That said, I think we’re going to make it.”



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