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PS Vita gets Avoid Droid: Multipliers, Explosions and Fruit


Posted August 23, 2013 by


Avoid Droid has been in the works for some time via creative director at Infinite Slate Games, Barry Island. Now that the project is underway, we can see the game on handhelds next year. Avoid Droid is a game sending fruit across the screen, with a drum beat that slowly increases. While your droid loves fruit but when he attempts to eat them, they explode. I hope he has many lives or is made of steel. But while you would think that these explosions are terrible in the sense of taking a precious life away, it does the exact opposite. It actually destroys the horde of robotic machines that try to squish, zap, stomp and bite you. Down boy! The hook to the game is the scoring system as fruit sets off creating an adjacent reaction. The more reactions you get from the main implosion sends your multiplier skyrocketing. Sounds like it is fun, addicting and full of endless hours of gameplay.

Here are a couple of screen shots that have been provided to you and you should know that there are other gaming modes available as you look at these screen shots. Time Attack mode, Chill Out mode and mission mode that had 50 unique challenges to accomplish. The game will also feature tilt, touch and analog stick controls so each gamer can adapt to their own unique gaming style. Talk about EPIC!



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Source: PlayStation