Two DLCs Crash Their Way onto Castle Crashers PS3!


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Two brand spankin’ new DLCs have made their way over, today, to the Playstation 3 for the indie brawler, Castle Crashers. The two DLCs, Can’t Stop Crying Pack, and the Legend of Blacksmith Pack, both come with several goodies for players to utilize. The Can’t Stop Crying DLC Pack includes Hatty Hattington, the star of Battleblock Theater. Those of you who may be unfamiliar with Battleblock Theater, it was developed and published by the same crew that did so on Castle Crashers.

Battleblock Theater is a platformer that tells the story of all the passengers among the S.S. Frienship–including Mr. Hatty Hattington, a.k.a. ‘best friend to one and all’. In the Legend of Blacksmith Pack, featured in Castle Crashers, it will include the Purple Knight, as well as a few small extra goodies for players. All Xbox 360 users were seemingly able to download Hatty Hattington for free for Castle Crashers, if they already owned Battleblock. But in regards to the Playstation 3, Battleblock is yet to be available on that particular system–leaving Playstation 3 users with the fee of $1.99 per DLC pack.

So what’re you waiting for? Beat ’em up, crashers!



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