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New Super Luigi U is a brand new downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros U. That’s right a DLC for a Mario game. This new content offers new features that were not found in the original, but the most important part is it is all focused on Luigi. It is time for Mario to move over because there is a new brother in the Mushroom Kingdom!


The story starts out by having Luigi, the two Toads, and Peach in the castle enjoying themselves when all of a sudden Bowser attacks the castle. Bowser ends up throwing the three out of the castle and capturing Peach. When the heroes land they are met up with an unlikely partner, Nabbit. The four proceed to start their way to the castle to defeat Bowser and to save the princess.

The story is what would expect from a 2D Mario game; it’s just not that strong. It not being strong doesn’t take away from the game at all as this is the classic plot that all 2D Mario fans love; it makes the game maintain that classic feeling. Mario titles aren’t expected to have a mind blowing story, we just want to defeat Bowser to save the princess. This game delivers just that. However, it is important to state that the story is almost exactly the same as the normal story in New Super Mario Bros U. The story only differs in a few places like in the beginning cut scene where Mario is nowhere to be seen or when Nabbit joins.



The gameplay is where this DLC really shines as it almost feels like its own title. The first couple of things you will notice is that the map is completely the same, but when you start a level you will realize that it has been completely redone to be new. The only thing that is the same in the levels as the original is the theme, so the ice levels will still be ice levels. This really makes the game feel fresh and gives it its own identity.

After a few minutes into the game you will realize a number of things, most of them focused on the way the game is handled. The first big thing is that Luigi is controlled differently than how Mario was controlled. Luigi jumps higher but he slides around more. This will prove to be a challenge when platforms move and require precise landing. The next thing you will notice is that the time starts out at 100 seconds. This is less time and forces you to keep moving. With these two changes constantly active it really makes the game much more difficult.

Another key part of this game is that the stages are shorter, but that’s not a bad thing in a case like this. The levels may be shorter but they stuff them full of more deadly things. These things can range from more traps, more enemies, more moving platforms, and less item drops. This really ups the difficulty from the original Mario mode. If that wasn’t enough, they also removed checkpoints. It’s almost a guarantee that it will make you frustrated, but hey, that just makes it even more challenging!

The multiplayer is changed up a bit too. It takes those elements stated above and throws in three other players to create more chaos. The biggest change in multiplayer mode is that they removed Mario and added in Nabbit. Nabbit handles very differently than the others. First off he cannot collect power-ups. Secondly he cannot take damage from most things with the exceptions being spikes, lava pits, and things of that nature. It can be great if you’re stuck on levels, but it really takes away from the experience you could have in single player or with only three people playing.

All of the other basic elements from the original Mario version are still current. You still have to collect coins, find hidden exits, save up power-up, and beat castles with boss Koppas. The coins also received the upped-difficulty treatment as they now are hidden better and harder to reach. With that and the lack of time it can prove to be a challenge and keep you going back through stages just to collect them. It really adds a replay value to the DLC.

It also has special stuff at the end of the story that really can push you to go through the game. For example, after you beat the game you get a mode that lets you play all the stages with Mario’s physics; it forces you to play each stage a different style. It’s just another way that this game adds to the replay value and the difficulty.


The graphics are definitely showcased on the Wii U. Just like the normal version of the game, Luigi looks amazing in HD. The HD world and characters do the Mario universe supreme justice that we have never seen before. With the new improved graphics and the old school gameplay, this can stick with you for a long time. The graphics also help you get sucked into this world that Nintendo has layered out. When in the desert world you can connect to the world through the way it looks. When you go to the ice world it has a completely different look that will make you appreciate the art work.



The sound of this game is really what you would expect from an AAA title from Nintendo. It has really clear, beautiful, and crisp music that sounds astonishing. It helps give each individual world and setting its own identity. You can expect to fall in love with the beautiful orchestrated music.

One thing that made the original version shine in the music element is the interaction with the world and the enemies. It adds to the music and the world by sucking you into the aroma that they set up for you. They jump and turn to the music. The Yoshis also add to the music by adding a whole new sound to the music when holding them. They add their very own sounds to the song already playing in the background. It is the small bits like this that push the music from an excellent experience to an unforgettable one.


This DLC is equally as good as the original if not better, depending on who you are. It offers a lot of replay ability on top of the original version of the game. The game features all of the elements that make up a 2D Mario game but focuses it on Luigi. It also ups thedifficulty and will having you trying stages over and over till you beat them. However, if you are a casual gamer that might not be something you want, but if you are a hardcore gamer then this is right up your ally. It also helps bring that classic style back into the Mario universe. Nintendo really wanted to showcase that this DLC is a bigger challenge than the original version and they succeeded at doing what they aimed for. If you are a classic Mario gamer or a hardcore gamer, this will give you just as much as the original version if no more.



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Written by Guest Reviewer: JJKrizzle

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