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When I saw this game on Steam, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.  A game called Orcs Must Die! Just has a certain ring to it, and reminds me of Destroy the Orcs by 3 Inches of Blood. So I looked into it. It’s a strange mix of tower defense and action RPG? How can that mix together and still work? Well I’m here to tell you it does.


The game starts out with a scene of an old wizard in a still frame looking down at a couple dozen orcs. The wizard begins to speak in the background as a narrator would for a story. “I’ve fought for 300 years for the Order” the narrator begins to say as the screen pulls back to show not just a few orcs but a few hundred. The Wizard narrator continues to speak about his life of killing orcs and how he died. You wonder, what could have killed a wizard who has fought for 300 years? Well, just to prove how vulnerable we all are, he slipped on some kobold blood and cracked his head on a step. Yep death by slip and fall claims another victim. The narrator continues to say that now the safety of the rifts falls to his apprentice. With this the game begins and you take control.

Remember this is a tower defense game, not a third person shooter. The story is there to give you a reason to play new levels. Just because it’s not gripping doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its own little quirks. Each level begins with the apprentice spouting something off about the story or the levels themselves. No matter what he is talking about though, it seems to be a one line joke.  Some are good, some not so much.



Again this is, at its heart, a tower defense game. However it is from the third person perspective.  This means that you are down on the ground level fighting against the waves of orcs and other beasties. You fight them to defend your Rift (basically your base, if too many get into the rift you lose). Not to worry, you have an arsenal.

You begin the game by starting with a few basic traps, a tar trap that slows down enemies and a ground spike trap that activates when enemies step on it. You also begin with a sword and a crossbow. You can use any combination of the traps, weapons and spells up to the zero key on your keyboard (meaning you can have 10 spells, weapon and trap combinations per level). As you progress through the game, you unlock new traps and spells on each of your levels you complete. These weapons range from sweet wall traps that make enemies explode to creating a fireball that burns your enemies to cinders.

One of the greatest parts of your arsenal though, is the guardians you can make. You can make an archer guardian and a warrior guardian that will take the place of a spell or weapon, these guardians will fight on their own for you. This makes it rather nice making a wall of archers that will attack those pesky flying units for you.

Your enemies will not just be orcs in the game. You will come across enemies ranging from giant trolls to fast little kobolds to flying creatures. As the game progresses, you will not only have the standard set of these monsters, you will also play against upgraded versions of these creatures.

The last bit of gameplay that brings replayability to it is the skull system. If you do not allow any enemies through your rift you earn skulls. This is where the RPG element comes in; between levels you can use these skulls to upgrade your spells, weapons and traps. These upgrades add different effects to your weapons and arsenal of spells. There are also three difficulty settings to play on. Beating it onNormalunlocks Hard which adds to the reason to play another round.

If you get the game on Steam you can play to unlock achievements for doing achievement worthy things in the game. The game also has a built in leader board for you to compare your score that you got at the end of the levels with other people and friends from around the world.




This is not a game built on super high graphics that needs a beefy computer engine to play on.  You can play this on most computers and still enjoy watching orc body parts explode.

The texture on all the traps and spells are excellent. Watching the lightning storm strike the helpless orcs one by one is very enjoyable. Some may not enjoy the still frame cut scenes but if you look at the artwork that went into each picture it is phenomenal.



From the sound of the apprentice swinging his sword or sound of an arrow leaving his crossbow the sound is sharp. The standard settings though for the music might need to be adjusted at first as it starts off a little loud. Each trap and spell has its own unique sound effect to go with it. The music that plays on each level is almost a fast paced castle music you would think of from back in medieval times.

Even the voice acting is done really well. The orcs will chime in when hit with a headshot. The apprentice will also spout off aggressive comments when he finishes a wave or a level. Even after you get through most of game the random talking that happens between the orcs and apprentice doesn’t seem to bother you.




For a game that I picked up purely on name alone without much background check into how it’s played, I have ended up falling in love with this game. From all the different castle sceneries to the different combination of traps and spells it is one of the best tower defense games I’ve ever played.




Written by Guest Reviewer: Darthshock


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