Laura Has Been Added to Street Fighter V’s Roster

As it turns out, Laura has been added to Street Fighter V’s roster. That might not come as a shock to some as she’s been the worst kept secret over the past couple of days. If it wasn’t bad enough that screenshots were released of Laura back on the 1st by Famitsu, Sony accidentally leaked her trailer a day before it was suppose to happen. The second event almost seems like too much of a coincidence to be a mistake but hey, we’ll take it considering it gave gamers a look at Laura before they were really suppose to get one. Not everyone is too happy about it though, seeing as the Street Fighter V roster has been kept under wraps up until this point, causing Yoshinori Ono — producer of the title, to be a little sad over it.

“Laura’s methodical grapple style and quick movement will make her a favorite for those who like to specialize in ‘up close and personal’ mind games,” Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas, a fighting game fanatic and Capcom employee wrote. “Using a variety of quick moving attacks and command grabs, opponents will have to always be on guard to stop Laura from overwhelming them quickly.”

Now to get some interesting details nailed down! Laura’s V-Skill is Linear Movement which means when you hold forward or backward on the joystick the fighter is able to get into position pretty quickly or get herself out of a sticky situation. When out of motion, Laura will strike enemies with an overhead kick. Her V-Trigger has been titled Spark Show which gives her a little oomph. Spark Show allows Laura to shoot her Thunder Clap farther, stride through greater distances with Linear Movement, and deal more stun on attacks and grabs.

Though that might not be the most interesting thing about her, as her last name is Matsuda. That might not ring a bell immediately but it was also the last name of Street Fighter III’s Sean. Does this mean she might be a sister or some other relation? Seems too much of a coincidence for it not to mean something! Either way, Laura’s trailer is below. Give it a click and enjoy!







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