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Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 7 Review: “The Snow Queen”


And so we get our answer to one of the most pressing backstory questions. How did Ingrid get trapped in the Urn and get seated with this pathological mistrust and conniving cruelty?

Well, it turns out that Helga, Ingrid and Gerda, Arendelle’s previous generation of royal daughters made a pact to keep their eldest sister’s powers a secret. Unfortunately, Ingrid’s magical gift kept growing and her fear of embracing her powers and revealing her secret kept her from getting any kind of handle on it. It also doesn’t help her sense of isolation to see her “normal” sisters growing up to be beloved staples of Arendelle’s court and being wooed by the Duke of…..

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Get the hell out! The Duke of Weselton? What is that creeper doing here? Even back before he had to wear a loosely fitted toupee he did nothing but drive wedges between Arendelle’s royal family for his own personal gain. Ingrid should have finished that scum off with her ice blast in that Gazebo.

Anyway…Ingrid has been investigating ways that she can suppress her magic forever, and who better to seek than Rumpelstiltskin on such matters. Incidentally, how do all three royal daughters of Arendelle make excuses to visit a faraway kingdom for a reason they must keep secret? Maybe that’s why Anna making the trip on her own later on is such a big deal.

Rumpel offers Ingrid the gloves to suppress her magic and the urn to seal herself away as a failsafe. Helga and Gerda urge her not to accept such drastic measures, especially since Rumpel demands the sentimental payment of their ribbons that symbolize their loyalty to Ingrid’s secret.

See, this is where we really get to the heart of the Snow Queen’s fears. Helga and Ingrid repeatedly show Ingrid great love and support. “We are your failsafe”. But Ingrid doesn’t have faith in her family. I’m not certain if it’s her lifelong sense of isolation, or if Helga and Gerda just didn’t support her the right way, but ultimately, she doesn’t trust her family to protect her. Certainly didn’t help that in the moment when the royal sisters needed to support each other the most, When Ingrid accidentally killed Helga, Gerda gives into fear and seals Ingrid in the urn.

This is why she’s so manipulative in getting her own twisted notion of a family. She met Elsa, and Emma and she thinks that that quality of difference is more important than blood. She is so determined to make Emma and Elsa as paranoid of “normal” people as she is, that she’s willing to manipulate them into conflict where no major conflict existed.

We’ll get to that in a moment.

Back in Storybrooke’s present, Belle seems to have found a spell that can neutralize the Snow Queen’s powers. They corner her in the clock tower above the library and subdue her, leaving her mirror for examination.

Elsa and Emma get to interrogating the Snow Queen but Elsa is easily riled when she insists that Anna trapped Elsa inside the Urn. Emma has Elsa step out and join the others examining the mirror in the tower.

Emma doesn’t last that much longer before the Snow queen gets under her skin too. It’s really quite the Batman Gambit. Belle quickly figures out that the mirror in the tower is a decoy and that the Snow Queen meant to get caught to get some one on one time with Emma. It’s almost as if she also caused Emma’s powers to flare up when she was supposed to pick up Baby Neil from Snow, sowing the seeds of fear in the family. It played out perfectly so far.

Was Emma losing her temper at the Snow Queen because her insistent familiarity and warning about her family’s fear of her the truth, or heinous lies? Didn’t matter much. When Emma’s supercharged out of control powers caused a falling power line to nearly crush David, Emma’s father and Snow’s Husband, that one reflexive chastising “Emma!” was all it took to cause Emma to flee. Just like Elsa did at the end of the first act of Frozen.

Elsa is right, and Snow is right. Snow and Charming failed to show Emma the love she needed at a moment she needed it most.

The Snow Queen is no better family to Emma. If she really gave a damn about Emma she would tell her the truth about her missing memories and she wouldn’t have up and left at that moment when Emma was feeling so out of control of her powers.

Surprise bus stops; Aurora and Cinderella each have their own bouncing bundles of joy. Hopefully this means they may be back on the show more often than not and that maybe Mulan will do. Never enough Les-yay or confident women on Once Upon A Time.

Robin gets a bit of motivation from Will Scarlet to fight for the love that he truly wants and gives a Regina a sweeping-off-her-feet kiss. It’s going to be even more forbidden when (somehow, inevitably) Marian is revived and finds out that Robin really does love the “Evil Queen.” Ooh boy.

Rumpel is still keeping Henry on a tight leash, promoting him from sweeper to furniture polisher. Rumpel’s not about to let his nefarious schemes be undone now.

Is anybody else still scratching their heads at how much a Bigger Bad Rumpel has become so far this season?  Seriously, last season he was practically heroic and almost noble, and now, all because of this Sorcerer’s hat, he’s back to plans of world domination? Does he seriously expect Belle is going to join him on a world hopping magical collection tour, screwing people out of their prized possessions and loved ones?

I seriously hope whenever Once Upon A Time ends up focusing on the Sorcerer storyline that we get some answers about Rumpel’s thinking. In the mean time we can look forward to whatever Rumpel will do so happily to complete his schemes.



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