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I love to see amazing Kill la Kill cosplays. The anime is filled with outfits that are perfect cosplay material, and each character has different costume variations for cosplayers to choose from. One of the most popular, yet most revealing, costume choices are of Ryuko and Satsuki in their Kamuis, Senketsu and Junketsu.
Ryuko Matoi is the tough, headstrong, and scrappy new blood at Honnouji Academy. Wielding her scissor-shaped long sword that can cut through life fibers, which the Goku uniforms that all students wear are made of. She battles against the student council (led by President Satsuki Kiryuin) as she searches for her father's killer... the one who wields the other half of her scissor blade. She dons a powerful sailor uniform called a Kamui, which is named Senketsu. The kamui is also made of Life Fibers, and transforms her so she can take on Kiryuin and other foes she encounters.
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