PS Vita Slim Hitting US This Spring With Borderlands 2 Bundle


Buzz around the new PS Vita Slim has been in circulation ever since the announcement of it for the UK and Japan. While some were excited, those who resided in the US might have been a little bummed, considering who the heck wouldn’t want a PS Vita Slim? Now it might have been only a mater of time before Sony announced that the hand held system was coming to the States, and, while patience might be a virtue, not everyone has the ability to just keep their fingers crossed and wait. Today, however, the tides have changed and PlayStation hardware marketing head John Koller has announced that the PS Vita Slim would be hitting American shores this this spring with a $199 Borderlands 2 bundle.

The newer model of the PS Vita Slim, that has an LCD screen in place of the old OLED screen the PS Vita has, is already in the hands of gamers in Japan, and recently was bestowed upon those in the UK. Some of the changes besides the upgrade to an LCD screen – possibly the most notable change, is that the PS Vita Slim also features a smaller form factor, 1 GB of memory built-in, and a longer lasting battery that ups gaming time by a full hour – making it six instead of five. Though, perhaps most importantly to some, is that the PS Vita Slim for the US will be bundled with the highly acclaimed Borderlands 2 – a first person shooter slash action roleplaying title that many gamers enjoy.

Either way, the release of the PS Vita Slim for those who dwell within the US is nigh. A US announcement trailer that outlines all that the new PS Vita Slim has to offer can be seen below.








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