Sailor Mars Cosplay Sets the Night Alight

Rei Hino is an everyday shrine priestess until one day she decides to uncover what is becoming of visitors to the shrine who are disappearing. Becoming kidnapped herself, her powers as Sailor Mars awaken. Drawing on fire as well as her natural psychic abilities, she burns her enemies into ashes. Rei and Usagi constantly bicker, as Rei deems herself much more mature and capable of leading the Sailor Senshi even though Usagi is Sailor Moon. Even though they may not be the greatest of friends at all times, Rei always has Usagi’s back in a fight, using her powers to vanquish evil.


Cosplayer Ainlina uses her transformation pen to become Sailor Mars in a firey cosplay. Long black hair trails behind her red and white sailor outfit. Her gold and red tiara is framed by her bangs and a purple bow adorns the front of her uniform. Red and white gloves with matching red heels finish off the look. Ainlina resembles Sailor Mars so completely I wouldn’t doubt her ability to call on Mars for some fire charged attacks.


 Photography by HeavenlyDays Photographie




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