It’s not hard to walk into a gaming store or section to find piles upon piles of gaming accessories to help you expand your typical gaming experience. Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright ridiculous. This trend of bizarre gaming accessories isn’t new. Companies have been pedaling awkward add-ons since as far back as the Atari days. We have always been marketed unnecessary and overpriced equipment to “help” us experience our consoles in a fresh way, though most of the time it turned out rotten.
Top 80s Dance Movies
The 80s produced so many classic dance films, not to mention its signature dance moves. We've compiled a list of favorite dance movies from the 80s that are sure to dance your socks off.
It’s that time of year, my favorite epic readers. It’s October, Halloween is around the corner, and if you guys are anything like me that means it is time to dust off some of the old survival horror favorites and game until we scare ourselves silly. This is a yearly tradition for me, and I am sure I am not alone. Sure, you could sit down and watch a horror movie and it would be scary, creepy, and uncomfortable. The wonderful thing about playing a scary game is that you are literally interacting, making things happen, forcing yourself to turn that corner knowing in your terrified heart of hearts that a zombie dog is probably going to crash through that window at any moment to make you crap your pants and yelp in terror. You feel like you are living every second of panic and that is what truly makes the survival horror game experience so fantastic. What makes a great survival horror game, in my humble opinion, is when a game places you in a horrifying situation and a lack of ammo (be it bullets or film a la Fatal Frame) when you know you are about to be surrounded but hordes of enemies with nowhere to go while you stand there trying to map out how you will make it through.
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