Remember how EA and PopCap Games have been saying that those who played the original Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare would be rewarded when they play Garden Warfare 2? While we don't know how it'll be possible to transfer characters and progress from the original, those who have a certain rank in the originals multiplayer will be in for a treat, as the loyalty rewards for Garden Warfare 2 were revealed today by PopCap games.
It’s that time of year, my favorite epic readers. It’s October, Halloween is around the corner, and if you guys are anything like me that means it is time to dust off some of the old survival horror favorites and game until we scare ourselves silly. This is a yearly tradition for me, and I am sure I am not alone. Sure, you could sit down and watch a horror movie and it would be scary, creepy, and uncomfortable. The wonderful thing about playing a scary game is that you are literally interacting, making things happen, forcing yourself to turn that corner knowing in your terrified heart of hearts that a zombie dog is probably going to crash through that window at any moment to make you crap your pants and yelp in terror. You feel like you are living every second of panic and that is what truly makes the survival horror game experience so fantastic. What makes a great survival horror game, in my humble opinion, is when a game places you in a horrifying situation and a lack of ammo (be it bullets or film a la Fatal Frame) when you know you are about to be surrounded but hordes of enemies with nowhere to go while you stand there trying to map out how you will make it through.
Today, Sony has revealed the games that will be free for all PlayStation Plus, and will be made available for the month of September. What's interesting about this list is that Grown Home, a platformer made by a small team at Ubisoft, was voted to be the free game this month by fans. The full list can be seen below:
Star Wars Original Cast
A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, Star Wars fans that also happened to love video games were sent flocking to arcades or to game stores to spend their (or their parents’) hard earned money on the amazing mash up of these two loves: Star Wars video games!! They have been around since the dawn of the gaming and George Lucas knew right from the beginning that the two geekdoms would go hand in hand perfectly. And he was so, so right.
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