If you're a fan of trees then you'll love the new map that Treyarch just revealed for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. This is the sixth multiplayer map confirmed for the title and was shown off in one of the weekly livestreams. The map has been dubbed Redwood and, as you might have guessed, is set in Northern California amidst a forest of sequoia trees. Players won't just be hiking and hiding around trees as there is also military complexes throughout the map.
Activision has confirmed that fourteen classic tracks are coming to Guitar Hero Live. The news came from the title's official Twitter and listed the songs coming to the game as a part of #TracklistFriday. The list of the tracks coming are listed below:
If you've been playing Destiny: The Taken King then there's a chance you've taken part in speculation over the Sleeper Stimulant, an exotic weapon within the title. As it stands, no one has been able to find it and numerous Reddit users have flocked together to talk about where the heck the heavy weapon might be. There have even been the extremely curious few who had dived right into the code of the title, trying to find something -- anything, that might lead to the location of the Sleeper Stimulant. However, all outlets have been exhausted and no one was able to turn up anything... not until Bungie allowed them to.
As sad as it is, all things must come to an end -- at least that's the case with the episodic title Life is Strange. Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix did a beautiful job with reeling gamers in with this title, and it's hard to believe that some won't be a bit saddened to know that Maxine and Chloe's journey together is coming to a close.
Battlefield 4 has already been out for two years and despite it's age, DICE has decided to add more to the title. What's even better is that the DLC pack will be absolutely free. Thanks to Battlefield 4 Community Operations, a community map project, DICE has put together a map for the shooter. The map is called Operation Outbreak and features a medical facility in the jungle and a waterfall.
Thanks to a Tweet from the official Battlefield Hardline Twitter, the release date of the DLC add-on, Robbery, has now been confirmed. It looks like the DLC will be coming on September 16th to those who are premium members. For anyone who isn't, the wait will be pushed back a little longer -- like two weeks out longer. With Robbery comes four new multiplayer maps -- The Docks, Break Pointe, Museum, and Precinct 7, as well as Squad Heist, a brand new game mode, four new weapons, two gadgets, two vehicles, new camos, and the Legendary feature.
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