Many gamers enjoy the MOBA League of Legends, taking arms against complete strangers in order to take home the win. There's no doubt that having the right music can pump up a player and set the pace for the rest of the game, which might be why League of Legends has released The Music of League of Legends - Volume 1 for a complete free download, as well as being able to listen to it on YouTube. This way, not only will gamers be able to pump themselves up while gaming but they can in other outlets of their life too.
Riot Games has been teasing players with it's newest hero and how their new mechanics will work in the game. But today we now have a full introduction for the prehistoric yordle known as Gnar. The character model actually looks really good, some would say cute, which is all well and good until he gets angry. The new mechanics turn Gnar into a hulking brute who is happy to crush everything in his path. In short don't get him angry or he'll unleash his anger issues.
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? That’s a deep philosophical question, and one that also applies to League of Legends. If you go 20/2/10 as Annie but never share that fact with your friends, does it really matter? It probably doesn’t. Sure, screen capping is always an option, but it’s a tedious, inefficient option that often produces lackluster images and requires players to go searching through their files looking for their saved images.
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