This year at San Diego Comic-Con, we saw a ton of incredible cosplays abundant both inside the convention center and out on the streets of San Diego. However, some of the ones that we were most impressed by were of characters from one of our favorite television series, Game of Thrones. From Daenerys to Jon Snow, we were thrilled to see some of George R.R. Martin's beloved characters brought to life.
FX did a little something special for those who are fans of The Strain -- or who might be interested in watching the show, at this year's Comic Con. If you weren't there one can only imagine what they did, so let me paint you a little picture. There was a small, brick building set up that looked a bit worse for wear on the outside, SOS scribed in spray paint on the side. However, once inside the room is almost pitch black -- aside from a few red lights that dimly lit the room. Here's where the good part comes -- those who waited in line at Comic Con for The Strain display were able to enjoy virtual reality and a lucky few groups even got to do it with Kevin Durand inside with them.
The Bastard Executioner is an up and coming television series by FX. The series features a warrior knight who was a part of King Edward the Third's charge. However, what he's seen with his time in the charge -- death, blood, and gore, drive him to vow to put down his sword. Unfortunately, things aren't so simple as violence finds him again and he's forced to pick up the bloodiest weapon of all.
Fans are getting excited for American Horror Story: Hotel, and it's not like anyone can blame them. The cast is going to include Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, Angela Basset, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and -- drum roll please, Lady Gaga. That means Little Monsters will be joining the ranks of American Horror Story fans, giving American Horror Story even more acclaim that it's already claimed over its past four seasons.
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