The First Season Pass Exclusive Event For The Division Is Now Available

After several months of waiting, Season Pass owners for The Division finally have access to their first exclusive content. The latest exclusive content includes an exclusive supply drop containing valuable loot.

“When we first announced the content of the Season Pass before the release of the game we wanted to give you visibility on what to expect,” Ubisoft explained in a recent blog post. “At the time we were working on a fun bonus on top of the other activities, a token of thanks for your loyalty and commitment to the future of the game. We soon realized however that the expectations far outreached what we had initially envisioned and quickly decided to work on a more developed version.”

The first wave of Season Pass events will have holders receiving an exclusive Supply Drop chest on the 1st and 15th each month. Season Pass owners can locate the chest outside of the Dark Zone, which can be located on the player’s in-game map. However, the chest will be guarded by a group of level 32 NPCs. But if you manage to take out your adversaries, you can get your hands on three high-end items or Gear Set quality armor adapted onto your Gear Score.

Ubisoft commented that update 1.4 will increase the frequency of when the chests will spawn as well as its location. In addition, these Supply Drop’s can contain Gear Set pieces from the Underground DLC on PlayStation 4, despite the DLC not coming for another month.






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