Tons of New Worlds Headed to LEGO Dimensions

A ton of new worlds were announced for the upcoming LEGO game LEGO Dimensions, including scenes from Ghostbusters, Metropolis, Back to the Future, even Portal making their way to the toy-based action adventure title. What’s more, due to the game supporting up to seven figures, gadgets, and vehicles in play at once, players will theoretically be able to make Batman drive the DeLorean through Gozer on his way to the the Aperture Science labs, if they find themselves wanting to live out that very specific scenario in LEGO form.

In a gallery brought courtesy of YouTube channel FamilyGamer TV, we get a look at the 14 worlds headed to the game which will include characters, enemies, themes, and plenty more. Of course, the vanilla game will likely not have all the levels included, as the game will also feature level packs for purchase in stores. These include the Back to the Future pack, the Wizard of Oz, etc. Check out the video below. LEGO Dimensions is set for release this September on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Wii U.








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