An Adorable Cosplay of Princess Daisy in Luigi’s Clothes!

daisy-cosplay-1Photography by When Was This Photo Taken?

Mario and Luigi have been figures within the gaming community for more than a handful of years. Originally, gamers grew to know and love the short, red wearing Italian plumber as he ventured to worlds unknown in order to save Princess Peach from his foes. Since, new characters have been added including Luigi – Mario’s younger brother, Wario, Daisy and a handful of others. While Luigi has grown in the ranks, almost reaching the same popularity that Mario has, the princesses, mainly Peach and Daisy, haven’t got as much recognition. At least not widely at first, but cosplayers have taken to putting on each of the princesses’ outfits.

daisy-cosplay-2Photography by David Ng

However, some like to change it up a bit and through the abundant amount of cosplayers that have taken to dressing up as Princess Daisy, cosplayer Sushi Monster has done something quite different. Instead of dressing up as Daisy as is, putting on her yellow dress, she has decided to don Daisy’s traits but in Luigi’s uniform. Not only is it sexy but it’s quite adorable too, making this cosplay superb.

Mario cosplayer: Zuli’s Cosplay



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