ARK: Survival Evolved Shows Off Winter Wonderland Trailer

Studio Wildcard has gotten into the holiday spirit with their new update, turning ARK: Survival Evolved into a Winter Wonderland. Tis the time to be eat, drink, and be merry since the update is available now.

With this new festive update, players will be able to decorate their bases with colorful Holiday Lights, Decorative Tree, Wreaths, Wall-Stockings, Snowmen, and Giftable Loot-Containing Presents. You will also be see giant dinos walking around in uncharacteristic Santa hats. Speaking of the jolly guy himself, kind of. Studio WildCard has really put the “claws” in Santa Claus this year as Raptor Claus takes darts across this dky in his sleigh, air dropping present for all the boys and girls.

As a special treat, ARK: Survival Evolved will be on sale for 40% off (now $17.99) until 10:00 AM(PST) on Monday January 4 on PC. So if you’ve been on the fence about buying it, now is the perfect time to jump in or get a copy for a friend.




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